Nor Cal Mud Ducks CB Break on the Lake 2017

Hobby Dave from Northern California would like to thank everyone for coming to the Nor Call Mud Ducks Break on the Lake 2017.

34 people came out and enjoyed a real nice gathering right on the Lake. Although we all share eleven meters as a hobby, the folks really enjoyed the simple atmosphere of saying high and getting to know folks whom they have never met and seeing old friends they haven’t seen after so many years.

The Break on the Lake was a great success. We all shared Good Food, Wonderful Prizes and a great camaraderie with one another.

The Nor Cal Mud Ducks would like to thank the folks who supported this event. Bullet Bob CB Sales, Mandy & Todd Wolf at: Chippers Hog Wild Deals, Gate Keeper Amps and X-force Amps. Thank you all for your generous gifts. You made some Radio folks very happy!!

We will see you all Next Year

As my good friend 239 says!!

I’m back in them bushes!

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