CB Break on the Lake 2018

The “Nor” Cal Mud Ducks are doing it again. Their third Annual FREE “CB Break on The Lake” will be held in Lakeport California Saturday June 16th 2018. The Break will be conducted between 10:00am and 2:00pm. Giving operators everywhere plenty of time to travel to and from the break in one day.

Once again, our Break on the Lake will be held at the Lakeport Yacht Club. Located at: # 15 fifth street Lakeport Ca 95453. For those who would like to come fish the finest Bass Fishing lake in the states, there are multiple boat ramps and docs right at the yacht club.

Rain or shine our Break will endure. Inside facilities are on-site.

This is a free break to all CBers, The “Nor” Cal Mud Ducks will be providing food and drink to all who sign up before the event. We will share our menu at a later date. All that is required is that all attendees must be signed up by Monday June 11th 2018. This way our club can supply enough food and drink for everyone who is attending.

The “Nor” Cal Mud Ducks will be suppling their own prizes. On top of the prizes the club will provide, our wonderful sponsors will be donating excellent Radio equipment that will have even the best of operators interested.

If you are unable to confirm your attendance by Monday June 11th 2018, you are still welcome to attend the Break and sign up for the prize give away on Saturday 6/16/2018, you just won’t be guaranteed food and drink. Even with this said, all potential prize winners must be signed in no later than 11:00am on Saturday June 16th 2018 and must be present to win.

To win any of the prizes provided you must be checked in no later than 11:00am on the morning of the Break. One Free Raffle Ticket will be given to each operator who signs up. Winning Tickets must be presented by the person whose name is on that winning ticket. No exceptions. To reiterate our rule for winning a prize, is that the name on the winning ticket must be the same person who is presenting ticket. All winners must be present to win.

So far as of January 2018 our sponsors are: Bullet Bob CB Sales, and Gate Keeper Amps will be supporting for their 2nd year. This year our new sponsors are, Luke Miller from BBI amps. The number one Idaho Box Builder in the N/W Corner, Tin Man Amps, Donkey Stomper Amps Beavis Built and Rain Maker Custom Amps. More details will be share soon!!

For the second year Mandy from Heat Press Designs will be donating two clocks this year with our club logo.

We want to thank all of our sponsors for their wonderful generous gifts. Their donations truly spice up our efforts of bringing together CB Operators to share their hobby.

Formal sign-ups will begin in February 2018. We will be providing an Electronic Sign up for your convenience very soon. Must be 18 Years or Older and be Present to Win.

Limited to the first 100 persons.

The “Nor” Cal Mud Ducks say see you soon. “QUACK-QUACK”


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