CB Clubs In America Nor Cal Mud Ducks #1

The Nor Cal Mud Ducks Conduct their third Annual CB Break on the Lake June 16th 2018.

Must be signed up by June 11th 2018 to receive your free meal ticket and free raffle ticket. On Monday June 11th the club will be shopping and purchasing just the right amount of food necessary to feed only those who have signed up by 6/11/2018. Electronic sign ups at: http://www.norcalmudducks.com/registe…

If you have any questions contact us at: www.norcalmudducks.com and click on the contact us link at the top of the page. Folks can still show up and sign up as late as the day of the break “NO LATER” than 11:00am on June 16th 2018 to receive your free raffle ticket. No tickets will be issued after 11:00am. If you didn’t get signed up by 6/11/2018 we will not have enough food to feed you. The Nor Cal Mud Ducks are looking forward to being your host on Saturday june 16th 2018. See you then!!

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